Sole Sista: Convos with Destiney Moore.

Growing up, I always identified as being more of a tomboy.  Being the “girly girl” was not my forte.  Outside of the clubbin’ phase, I didn’t have much of an attraction for an abundance of heels.  I always had an admiration for women that could piece together a look combining sneakers and feminine chic while giving off that street style aesthetic.

Scrolling through social media was when I first came across my “sole sista” Destiney.  Fitting as her name is, she has a calling for empowering women to be themselves through personal style.  While she can rock a mean pair of heels, her street style is always on point.  Her vibrant pops of color and fashion advice really make this fashionista stand out amongst the crowd.

I had a chance to vibe with Destiney on sneaker culture, fashion, and what inspires her.  As humble as she is stylish, you can’t help but love her!

Tell me about Destiney and your transition from New Orleans (NOLA baby!) to Chicago?

I am the third of four children, the wife of one man (shoutout to my husband, Aaron! Hey boo! lol), and a pharmacist who loves sneakers, fashion, natural hair, makeup, and Jesus lol.  I was born and raised in the greater New Orleans area where learning to peel crawfish is a rite of passage as a child, where a snowball will never EVER be considered a snow cone, and where Saints game days are pretty much a holiday.  After college, I had the privilege of living in Biloxi, Ms. and Dallas, Tx. I recently relocated from Dallas to Chicago where let’s just say the seasons actually change.

What inspired the birth of your Joy in my Soles blog?

I have always been a sneaker lover and would always search for different ways to wear my sneakers.  It seemed as if I could hardly find any outfit inspiration of women in sneakers.  So, I decided to create my own sneaker outfit inspiration for women like me who wanted to wear sneakers and make them feminine and chic.  I also wanted to provide makeup and hair tips for the everyday woman as well as being a positive light through my inspirational posts.

As soon as I saw your blog, Joy in my Soles (JIMS), it spoke to me.  Where did your love for sneaker culture originate?

My love for sneaker culture started as a kid.  My Mom, who is such a fashionista, would dress myself and my sisters to match our own unique personalities.  She would often dress me in sneakers and as I grew up, I developed a love for sneakers that lingers till today.

What are your thoughts about being a female in a male dominated sneaker world?

I feel it can be very intimidating, yet, I feel someone like myself still has something to bring to the table.  I pride myself on being able to take a sneaker and create an outfit with it and make the sneaker come to life.  I aim to focus less on just the sneaker but on the outfit and the sneaker as a whole and that’s where I feel I bring value to the sneaker community.

In your collection, what would you say is your favorite sneaker and why?

It seems like every time I buy a sneaker I say it’s my favorite, but I would say my ultimate favorite would be my Jordan 11 Concords.  They are so versatile and the patent leather adds so much class to the sneaker.  I just feel like I can really be like Mike when I put them on haha!

I love that you are able to wear your sneakers and mix them with a feminine touch of street style so effortlessly.  How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as girly tomboy.  I can either be considered as the girliest tomboy you know or as the tomboyish girly girly you know.  Either way, I’m all about my makeup and hair, skirts and dresses, heels and laces.  I also love to switch things up and not find myself stuck in any one style.

Your blog has different areas of fashion, beauty, and inspiration.  What is your vision for Joy in my Soles?

My vision for JIMS is for it to be a major resource for women looking for sneaker style, makeup and hair tips, while being uplifted and encouraged.  I want it to be a place that has information for your hair down to your soles.  Not only do I want to feed your soles but also feed your soul by sharing the love of God through my personal experiences.

My favorite segment on JIMS is ‘From Heels to Laces’.  Where did that idea stem from?

This is my fave as well!  With the From Heels to Laces looks, I aim to show that sneakers are versatile.  You don’t have to wear them with just casual, urban, or workout gear.  You can literally go from heels to laces and still look amazing!  As much as I love sneakers, I love heels too and I wanted to show women that you don’t have to choose between the two.  Heels girls can love sneakers just as sneaker girls can love heels.


For women getting into the sneaker culture, what are your top 3 kicks that they should have in their closet?

My top three would be 1.) A classic sneaker like the Adidas Superstars 2.) A retro sneaker like the Jordan 11 or another I’m currently loving the Nike Uptempo and 3.) An everyday sneaker that you can workout in or even wear.  Right now, mine is the Puma Fierce sneaker in black.  I literally wear it almost every day from working out to running errands. 

If you could give your audience of readers’ one message what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and do something different.  We grow the most in uncomfortable situations so don’t be afraid to grow.


Check out Destiney’s blog HERE (don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!), and be sure to keep up with her weekly updates on Instagram HERE.

All images courtesy of Joy In My Soles.

Peace, Love, and SOLE.


  1. I was a straight tomboy. Only special occasions like prom and graduation I got into heels. Now, it’s a mix. I’ll still pick sneakers and sweats any day! All about comfort 😆. Great post!!

  2. Are Kswiss not sneakers??? Seemed like I kept a pair of those or Nike Cortez a.k.k Dope mans. Loved this! Your interview skills are on point! And it’s good to know other women enjoys gym shoes as much as I do.

    • Thanks Serena! We are definitely sole sistas then. Kswiss were HUGE back in the day. I appreciate you reading and sharing some of your experience with kicks!

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