Ridin’ Slow: Purple Moonlight

If you are from Houston, you know what it means when you hear “Chopped up and not slopped up”.

The legendary OG Ron C and DJ Candlestick of The Chopstars have curated a dope compilation of screwed and chopped sounds from the 2016 movie, Moonlight.  With Director Barry Jenkins’ love for these Houston born beats, it was only right to create a perfect union for his film’s soundtrack.  OG Ron C is a visionary when it comes to creating slowed down tracks from unlikely genres. He has contributed countless mixtapes to the industry with my personal favorite being the F-Action series which themes the flawless fusion of R&B music with the screwed and chopped style.  His music has become an anthem to the city.  Co-founder of the infamous Swishahouse label, he brought the Houston heat straight out the Northside for us to vibe to.  DJ Candlestick has made a name for himself as he continues to show us that heavy hitters come from down south.  The Chopstars’ innovative collaborations have always kept them on top of the game as they continue to the live out Houston’s legacy of slow tempo styles dating back to the early 90s.

I have been an advocate for the movie Moonlight since I first saw the trailer HERE.  I was able to catch the film when it first premiered in limited theaters while I was in New York last October.  The theater was not packed, but the air was stifling and full of anticipation.  Moonlight was incredible.  You can catch my in depth guest review of why Moonlight deserved Best Picture HERE.  It was the road less traveled and the cinematography was gorgeous.  The colorful hues were so visually stimulating, but what also caught my attention was the music.  In the third act, the musical score shifted to align with the characteristics of adult Chiron.  I was completely elated when I heard Jidenna’s “Classic Man” chopped and screwed.  I literally wanted to jump out of my seat and say “THAT’S HOUSTON! AWWWWLREADY!”  To see how DJ Screw has influenced and transcended a musical genre is amazing.  From Kendrick to Drake – we hear whispers of DJ Screw bless our ears in many forms since his passing in 2000.

It all starts in Houston.  We take pride ridin’ slab drippin’ candy paint.  From back in the day Kappa Beach parties to the clubs.  I can guarantee you that any club that plays June 27th WILL be LIT.  OG Ron C and DJ Candlestick prove that their passion for our Houston culture can resonate with people from all cities.  Their Purple Moonlight mixtape gives me all the feels of the early 2000s and keeps me wanting more.  The mash up of this project is everything I’d hoped it would be.  H-town hold it down.

Check out The Chopstars work HERE and sign up for their monthly subscription.  Find all the latest news on their Instagram HERE.

Catch the sounds of Purple Moonlight >>> https://t.co/982MJcc78D

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