Happy Air Max Day.

Today is a special day for the sneaker community. Nike’s official Air Max Day 2017.  This is a day where we pay homage to an OG in the sneaker game.  For 30 years, the Nike Air Max has been getting us from point A to point B in STYLE.  With the endless abundance of color ways and Air Max styles, there is no shortage of selection appeasing the masses.  My personal favorites have always been the Air Max 90 and Air Max 95.  They both hold nostalgia from childhood and this is why the Air Max is timeless.  This shoe has always been there.  Honestly, in middle school, no could help me run from that girl to avoid a fist fight, BUT my 95s were there and got me to safety (LOL).  The old faithful.  The go to sneaker.

Nike has been celebrating the Air Max throughout this month with dope releases and fresh takes on a classic.  Dating back to 1987, the Air Max has continued to keep their seat on the throne despite any new comers who plan to take over the block.  Innovation at its best.  There is definitely still room in my closet for more Air Max, and I am anxious to try out the anticipated Nike Air VaporMax.  This sneaker has crossed many platforms, and it all dates back to the Air Max 1.

We The People

Last year, many participated in the Nike Air Max Day Vote Back campaign.  The heavyweight contender that took the title was the undisputed Air Max 1 Atmos.  This was a collaboration with Japanese retailer, Atmos, and originally released in 2006.  Once I saw this was coming, I HAD TO HAVE IT.  The touches of jade and elephant print gave a sweet fusion that is so appealing to the eye and looks even better on the foot.  Without further ado, I present to you the winner of the Vote Back campaign.

*slow hand clap*


Keep on the lookout for Nike Air Max releases.  Nike has shown they are still in the lab, and you can create your own custom VaporMax on their website with NikeiD.  I know it will be a long time before this classic is ever tucked away quietly in a time capsule of memories.

What’s your favorite Air Max?


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