Foodie Fridays: Hopdoddy

A good burger is not just an amplified sandwich.  A meticulously crafted burger can be an experience.  The evolution of this particular entree has progressed over the years substantially with the birth of craft burgers.  There is a multitude of options for ingredients that can be added to a burger that enhance the dining experience.  For example, in New York, I was able to taste a peanut butter and jelly bacon burger.  Seriously!!

A burger chain I had been hearing about for months was Hopdoddy.  My God brother lives in Austin and swore it was worth every penny.  Hopdoddy finally made its way into our Houston backyard late spring last year.  With more locations opening up this year (Rice Village and Vintage Park), I made it a point to visit the restaurant tucked away in the ritzy outdoor mall area of the River Oaks District.  Honestly, I went a couple of times to be exact.

The restaurant was extremely packed on a Friday afternoon for my first visit, and the only available seating was at the bar.  Fortunately, I did not have to wait too long for the burger and in the mean time I had ordered an Oreo cookie shake.  The shake was delicious, sweet, and had bits of Oreo cookie that were easily consumed through a larger shake straw.

I ordered the Good Night Good Cause burger which was stacked with Angus Beef, Tillamook cheddar, jalapenos, Hickory BBQ Sauce, and your standard fixings. It was a good size and I opted to omit the “sassy sauce”.  When I think of sauces on a burger, I automatically assume these concoctions will lean towards a “thousand island” type of dressing or similar to a “Big Mac” sauce lineage (chuckles).  I wanted to taste the sassy sauce, so I decided to get a sample on the side.  I’m glad I asked for it separately.  The sauce had a honey mustard type of taste and this was something I was not a fan of.  However, the burger was cooked medium well, juicy, and full of flavor.  All of the ingredients to this craft burger melted together and gave just enough burst of smoky flavor.  What I also loved about this dish was that $1 was donated to Lone Star Paralysis, so while enjoying a meal you are paying it forward for a good cause.

The second time around, I added an egg to Hopdoddy’s Classic burger, but forgot to omit the sassy sauce and was disappointed with the outcome *pouts*.  It was still a decent burger, but the signature sauce was throwing off the whole vibe for me personally.

On the upside to things, the Parmesan Truffle fries were always AMAZING.  They come with a garlic aioli dipping sauce that is SO GOOD.  I mean I could dip everything in this sauce! YUM.

Hopdoddy is a hip spot with a modern feel.  Bright colors, metal lunch trays, and colorful wall décor give it a fun feel.  Their menu is full of other craft burgers, various beers and cocktails within a full bar, and decadent shake options.  I would recommend Hopdoddy for a lunch spot, just make sure you get there early.  It has great outdoor seating for a beautiful day like today, and the wait staff at the bar is very accommodating and friendly.  I’ll know the next time I frequent Hopdoddy – no sassy sauce!

Make your way over to try one of their craft burgers and let me know which one is your favorite.  Check out their menu HERE.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 forks.

Bon’ Appetit.


  1. Donna Fernandez

    I definitely want to try Hopdaddy but not the “sassy sauce”. Great article with pictures! Thanks for this review!

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