Foodie Fridays: Bubbles and Brunch

If you live in Houston, then you are aware of the vast array of restaurants to choose from.  Personally, one of my favorite meals of the day is breakfast/brunch.  Breakfast is so versatile, and I can add some of my favorite meal choices without making it taboo.  Who wouldn’t want a tender filet, shrimp and grits, or a stacked brunch burger garnished with the perfect fried egg?  Houston has great spots for brunch so it would only be appropriate to highlight a staple restaurant to kick off Foodie Fridays.  The ever so popular – Max’s Wine Dive.

“Fried Chicken and Champagne?… Why the Hell Not?!”

Being a food enthusiast, I try to strategically plan restaurant adventures with someone.  This is because we can order different items and deem them shareable plates.  My selections at Max’s was the Wings and Waffle along with Eggs Any Style.  The 3 full wings and waffle was delicious.  The wings were battered in a jalapeno buttermilk mix and the plate was dusted with powdered sugar for presentation.  The batter gave just the right spice to the chicken without being anywhere near overwhelming.  The secondary plate was eggs any style which included bacon, a slice of thick Texas toast, home fries (diced potatoes with peppers), and eggs.  This plate was basic, but not completely mediocre.  I could have honestly whipped it up at home.  I added some jalapeno cheddar grits as a side to kick up my eggs just a notch.  This pairing worked out perfectly.  It definitely put an end to the grits debate of salt vs. sugar.  Max’s grits were extremely creamy, with strong hints of cheese and small pieces of jalapeno.  To top off this delicious brunch, I ordered Max’s sweet house Moscato to clean the palette.  Its brunch, you must add some bubbles to it.

Max’s Wine Dive is a hip spot that gets crowded quickly during brunch and dinner hours.  The Fairview location that I went to had some great abstract art of different musicians on the walls.  You can find one of the talented artists on Instagram here.  There were many patrons sitting at the bar area catching up on sport highlights and contemplating their next drink featured on the grandiose wall of wine selections.  Old school Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye played in the background amidst a room full of conversation.  My waiter, Richard, was very attentive and probably came to the table about 6 times before the check was presented.

One damper to my trip was the menu no longer included the crab-lobster fondue which is an add-on to smother on your chicken.  That fondue is made my tiny angels in Max’s kitchen.  I swear.  The waiter noted that it was seasonal and not added to the current menu.  If you head over to Max’s be sure to indulge in the fried Lobster Tail or even give “THE ROYAL” Lobster Pot Pie a go.  It does not disappoint.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 forks.

Bon’ Appetit.

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